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Montana has issued a winter weather advisory for elevations about 5,500 feet of snow, which is in effect until 11:00 PM Mountain Standard Time this evening. Bring on adventure this winter with General Tire's Grabber Arctic LT, a strong, innovative light truck winter tire with outstanding low temperature traction in snow, ice, and wet conditions. Featuring General's Duragen ultra high strength technology, the Grabber Arctic LT is made of a robust cut and chip resistant compound, that grips over a wide contour surface, giving you confidence when the going gets tough. Raised ridges in the grooves provide additional grip during cornering, accelerating, and braking in deep snow. [MUSIC PLAYING] The studdable design provides you with even more traction on ice when you need it most. The Grabber Arctics feature angled, interlocking light truck winter sipes, which reduce squirm and block deformation, while providing stable handling and strong braking in dry and wet conditions, with exceptional snow in its grip. Anywhere is possible with the General Tire Grabber Arctic LT. The adventure is up to you. General Tire, anywhere is possible. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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