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[MUSIC PLAYING] Meet General Tire's stylish, all-season, touring tire, the Altimax RT43. It's the perfect tire for people on the go. The Altimax RT43 features an early warning visual indicator that shows if your tires are misaligned. Low surface abrasion technology promotes even tread-wear, and extended tread life, that's backed with up to a 75,000 mile limited tread-wear warranty, allowing you the opportunity to get the maximum amount of life from your tires. And when the tire's life is nearing its end, an integrated replacement tire monitor alerts you when your tires need replaced. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Altimax RT43 all-season design allows you to drive with confidence with its peak anti-slip technology that increases the number of biting edges, increasing traction on slippery roads all year long. It's a busy life out there. And with the Altimax RT43, there's one less thing to worry about. See for yourself with our 45-day trial period. General Tire, anywhere is possible. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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